Nasdaq listing for Tourn

We are extremely proud and happy to announce that on 28th June 2019, marks the day Tourn International rang the bell alongside Nasdaq. The event was held at Hallwylska Museet in Stockholm where VD Robin Stenman and the Tourn family celebrated their success and future hopes for Tourn. 

Tourn is known to be as one of Scandinavia’s largest influencer marketing companies, and with it’s quick expansion and listing on Nasdaq’ stock exchange it was a sure path towards making Tourn more internationally known. signed with UK agency, which is Tourn’s latest venture, signed a deal with a Youtube agency in the UK.
The contract with Tourn will generate income revenue from the UK Youtube platform and to Nagato platform from channels from the outside.
The role of the agencies will be to connect major Youtuber’s – with a focus on international audiences, mainly English and German.
Nagato has grown rapidly in the gaming segment and now through our newest partner will grow as a new segment within the Youtube platform mainly the family DIY segment.
For a long time Nagato has been searching for a partner that matches the criteria that would suit this platform, now we have obtained a great partner creating a broad category which will be sure to increase the platforms premium user count.


Showcast with Bianca Ingrosso and Alice Stenlöf

For over a year  Bianca Ingrosso and Alice Stenlöf have been co-releasing their podcast ‘Har du sagt A får du säga B’ generating 1,4 million streams monthly. The two friends took their collaboration to a new height when they performed their podcast live on the Ericsson Globe stage. Friends and star artists were invited as guests which made for an exclusive experience. The idea of this concept was the result of close cooperation between Tourn, Livenation and both podcast makers. 12 000 tickets were sold, the Ericsson Globen Swedish National Arena was full, for which we’d like to thank all involved in this success. A special big thank you to Bianca and Alice for their outstanding performance which made the live podcast evening and unforgettable event. the latest venture, which is Tourn’s latest venture, signed a deal with a South American agency with focus on Portugese and Spanish speaking influencers. The partnership between the two agencies will lead to more channels within the gaming genre were Portugese and Spanish speakers can connect to Nagato.South America’s digital and gaming market is growing fast, the aim of this partnership is to establish itself in South America and become a leading platform for Youtube. Nagato will translate the site, as well as the platform in order to facilitate its use for the future Youtube influencers. The income generated by the channels, as well as the payments will be managed within the Nagato platform.